Waterfall Construction & Maintenance Services

A Rock Fountain is an ideal choice for an owner who wants a waterfall effect to their property. Besides looking great, these fountains also produce a lyrical, soothing sound that makes any area more tranquil. Often times we receive inquiries from apartment complexes, HOA’s, and other commercial properties wanting custom waterfall features constructed and maintained.

Rock-waterfalls are growing particularly popular because they deliver all of the classic benefits of a water feature combined with minimal maintenance requirements. Rock Fountains can be placed on their own or grouped together with similar installations. This produces a very charismatic aggregate feature that lends considerable appeal and balance to the landscape. In backyards, Real-Rock water features provide a peaceful, contemplative accent to any design. These waterfalls are excellent for installation in the front yard, too — thanks to their lack of an open pond they present minimal potential liability for residential and commercial properties due to the low water-line, usually less than 12″ in order to not be fenced off from the public.

Formal-Waterfalls and Spillways are great for residential and commercial properties seeking aquatic noises and appearances.

Entry Level Waterfall Space Concerns

A small waterfall takes up a space roughly eight feet by eight feet. It’s possible to install one in a smaller area, but you should bear in mind that it’s likely to splash. There are alternative water features similar to this rock-column waterfall which come pre-built, are relatively easy to install – but also present high risk for leaks in the future if not constructed correctly. Using a 30mm-50mm liner minimum without aggressive plants close-by is a must when constructing these things.

Commercial Waterfall Space Concerns

Construction of a “commercial size” waterfall or fountain requires special attention to the foundation, urban development factors like vegetation, public access, and overall size of the water feature come into play. Some cities are ok with water features being less than 36″ deep while others require 12″ or less – we recommend referencing your local city guidelines before building a commercial or public-accessible water feature. We often require at least 30x30ft of space before we consider the “commercial grade” waterfall or fountain construction.

Waterfall & Fountain Maintenance

As with most water features with shallow basins, waterfalls and fountains are relatively easy to take care of and maintain. Depending on how much vegetation is close by, foot traffic, and how decent your equipment is – the maintenance should be minimal to none. When constructed correctly, fountains and water falls should only require similar maintenance to that of a pool. If for example you are a golf course, cemetery, or heavily vegetated area – we recommend a commercial aquatic maintenance company to bid your water feature maintenance as these are usually custom built to the property and should be professionally maintained to avoid expensive equipment repairs.

Waterfall & Fountain Cost

When they’re installed professionally, a small Column Fountain generally costs between $3,000 and $8,500. Waterfalls attached to ponds can range from $500 – $5,000 depending on the site and material needed. Commercial fountains and waterfalls can easily start at $30,000 – $150,000 depending on the size, materials used, and equipment required to keep the water feature under control.


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