Custom Waterfall & Fountain Design, Construction, & Repairs for Southern California

Waterfall Repairs, Maintenance, Construction & More

Allow your home and commercial property to enjoy the tranquility of a fountain or waterfall. Whether you enjoy it for the look or want to listen to the natural flow of water, our waterfall & fountain construction technicians are ready to handle your next project. From pondless waterfalls, to decorative fountains, we design, build, and repair, and maintain all types of water features throughout Southern California. With over 40 years of professional water feature services, we are ready to help you enjoy all the benefits a custom water feature can offer you.

Considering Pondless Waterfall Construction?

Pond-less waterfalls are built to allow the water to run seamlessly through rock similarly to a rock column fountain. The water simply recirculates into a stream or waterfall and builds up underneath the surface unnoticed. Without the need to maintain a pond, you can enjoy the sounds and the sight of running water. You won’t have a pond for holding wildlife such as fish, because the water in a pond less waterfall is not collected in a basin. However, without the maintenance regularly required in a water garden or koi pond, these are a great way to achieve a tranquil water setting with very little work. In a water garden, a waterfall is the focal point of any property, residential or commercial. If your yard is small or you are worried about safety, choosing a pondless waterfall construction company is a great option due to the reduced risk of a drowning.

Considering a Rock Column Fountain?

These are an ideal choice for an owner who wants a bubbling show with multiple elements. Besides looking great, these fountains also produce a lyrical, soothing sound that makes any area more tranquil.

Rock Column Fountains are growing particularly popular because they deliver all of the classic benefits of a water feature combined with minimal maintenance requirements. Rock Fountains can be placed on their own or grouped together with similar installations. This produces a very charismatic aggregate feature that lends considerable appeal and balance to the landscape. In backyards, Rock Fountains provide a peaceful, contemplative accent to any design. These fountains are excellent for installation in the front yard, too — thanks to their lack of an open pond they present no potential liability to the homeowner.

Retaining Wall Waterfalls

A retaining wall waterfall construction is a simple water feature that adds considerable aesthetic appeal to your landscape. Most retaining wall waterfalls are built to spill a long, smooth, even sheet of water that cascades over the wall and into a retaining pool.

Pondless Retaining Wall Waterfalls

We have the ability to construct your formal waterfall and fountains with pondless equipment. Endless water rushes through the rock requiring minimal maintenance and water pump electricity.

Commercial Fountains & Waterfalls

From apartment complexes, to hotels, HOA’s, community centers, and business centers – we specialize in commercial water-feature maintenance, repairs, and construction services. Working closely with general contractors on commercial projects throughout Southern California, our commercial equipment expertise, maintenance experience, and network are the perfect fit for your property.


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Can you have aquatic plants in your waterfall?

Definitely, water lilies are quite possible. Marginal aquatic plants do a great job in waterfalls and softening a stream’s edges. If you would like to minimize your maintenance, we recommend that you only choose from the wide range of aquatic plants with shallow roots that you can easily remove and thin. Ninety nine percent of aquatic plants are widely available and also can be quite aggressive, so it is a good idea to stick with manageable species such as sagitarias, Japanese arrowhead, acorus, golden buttons, micro-sword, bacopa, dwarf papayrus, as well as other dwarf varieties. Avoid large varieties of umbrella palms, iris, and definitely anything that is labeled GIANT, for example the Giant Payrus.  They can grew as high as 12 feet high.

Can I add fish to my waterfalls and pondless waterfalls?

Yes and No! Fish can be put into your disappearing waterscape, however, most likely they won’t live too long, so we recommend no! The incredible thing about a disappearing waterscape is you have an amazing waterfall, that are sometimes combined with a meandering stream that disappear magically into an ornamental gravel bed. Although there are numerous designs that call for having a small catch basin that will pool six to ten inches up of water for your aquatic plants to use, it isn’t recommended to put any kind of fish in these styles of waterscapes. Although there are exceptions to this rule always, fish have a tendency to wander downstream and whenever your fish start wandering downstream in those waterscapes, they will end up meeting with an uncomfortable and unfortunate demise.  This is one reason why Pond Diggers don’t really like the Skim Bog Pond Construction Style.

What type of maintenance does my water feature need?

Pondless waterfalls and wet-wall waterfalls are probably the easiest waterscape when it comes to maintenance. Algae may be maintained by adding beneficial enzymes and bacteria or algae control product every month and with an automatic type of water fill valve is properly installed, you won’t ever need to water into your waterscape in order to compensate for any evaporation.  You can turn off a disappearing waterscape and a blower may be used for removing leaf debris in a creek bed that is now dry every fall.

Does my waterfall need to run 24 hours per day?

No, it does not. One of the more compelling reasons for why a disappearing waterfall has grown in popularity in the current landscape is because the waterfall can be turned off whenever you want to. It is mandatory with an ecosystem pond that your waterfall filtration be run 24 hours per day to maintain life within your ecosystem. With this style of waterscapes the system can be shut on and off whenever you want. If you are running the pump on a disappearing waterscape just 12 hours per day, it is going to cost you half in electricity costs compared to a similar size of pond. It’s no problem if you are going to leave town for a few days.  All you need to do it turn off your disappearing waterscapes and then when you back home turn it on again.  This is just one more reason why disappearing waterfalls have become so popular is such a short amount of time.

Can my waterfall be put on a remote control or a timer

Absolutely! Disappearing water features may be put on a timer that will turn your waterscape off and on just like your nightscape or pool lighting. Many people run their landscape water feature early in the morning while they are making their preparations for their day depending on where the waterfall is located. For example, if you have your disappearing feature as your kitchen’s focal point, it is very nice to be greeted by the look and sound of your waterfall while you are making your coffee and breakfast and lunch for that day, and reading your newspaper. If you wake up in the morning at 6 and leave at 8 for work, your waterfall could set to activate right before 6 am and then turn it off right after 8 am, and then right before you arrive home turn it back on while saving on your electricity costs all day.


You also can have a remote control to use with a disappearing waterscape that can be used inside of your home to turn your waterfall off and on! The bonus on that feature, compared to a timer, is that on Saturday morning when you would usually have a big breakfast, you won’t have to worry about your waterfall turning off suddenly right after 8 am. A majority of times will not know you are planning on being in your kitchen longer on Saturday mornings.

Do waterfalls attract wildlife without having a pond or basin?

Disappearing waterscapes definitely attract wildlife still.  Local fauna is very attracted to the sound of water. Within minutes of turning a disappearing waterscape waterfall on for the first time there are homeowners where birds and dragonflies have shown up to properties for the first time.  The sound of a waterfall attracts birds to a property that you normally will never see. Bird watching is actually a very popular hobby! We have designed and built numerous waterfalls for bird watchers with the main goal of attracting migratory and local birds to their backyard.  In these specialized disappearing water designs that are specifically for bird enthusiasts, we are very careful to create waterscapes while keeping the birds in mind.