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Koi Pros FAQ

Pretty much all of them. Minus the really small fountains one can buy from the store (the pre-built fountains/waterfalls) other then that if its got water running through it - we'll service it. It's worth giving us a call if you have any questions or aren't sure if your water feature is large enough.
We service most of Southern California when it comes to commercial properties. Although San Diego and anything north of Hollywood can be difficult to reach (in terms of small pump fixes, etc) we suggest reaching out to us to see if we service your area and water features.
Yes - the primary company managing Koi Pros is Lake Management Inc - who oversees any insurance and licensing for the work performed.
Koi Pros is the residential hub of Lake Management Inc who oversees the commercial clients within the industry. Koi Pros is comprised of the same people, knowledge, and experience of LMI.
We service them all. From large multi-million gallon lakes, to 500 gallon turtle ponds - we service practically any water features be it residential or commercial. Call or email us today to get a free quote for your property.
We offer various types of maintenance. Typically residential ponds require bi-weekly (2x p/mo) maintenance. During visits our pond technicians will inspect the water levels, clean the filters, inspect UV-lights, review your koi/ wildlife (if you have any) for any stressors, as well as any custom items needed during our initial overview.
Yes we service mostly any types of water features - including fountains and waterfalls. Be it commercial or residential - we can evaluate your water features for leaks, provide maintenance, repair equipment, and more.
We service any equipment associated with the water feature on your property. Typically we only repair equipment suitable (larger more expensive equipment) but if we can find a cost-effective solution for your equipment we'll recommend what we believe is your best option.
Installing and replacing UV-lights is a standard part of our operations and we are able to assist you with any ultraviolet needs or repairs.
We don't sell them ourselves but do know of a few local aquatic plant suppliers who you can contact for recent inventory - and we'll install the plants for a small fee.
No we do not buy Koi, nor supply them. But similar to plants, we work with a local koi fish supplier. If you're interested in going in and picking out a few fish, we'll transport them safely to your water feature and transplant them to your water feature as well. We cannot buy fish nor do we suggest buying fish from a third-party pond and integrating those fish with yours as it can cause health issues if either parties have unhealthy fish.

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