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Professional Pond Maintenance Services

Long Beach Water Feature Management Service

We provide professional koi pond maintenance and service for Long Beach California including natural water features in throughout Southern California. From Koi Ponds, Turtle Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls, to Commercial Lakes, and more. With over 40 years of professional pond and fountain service, aquatic construction, maintenance, and repair – Koi Pros is the premier Pond service company located in Orange County California.

We will custom build or repair your water features, which typically include UV lights, Skimmer Basket Installation, and Biofiltration for your pond. Need a pond reseal or leak repair?

All properties are thoroughly reviewed before we can quote for maintenance and heavy repairs. Typically our pond and water feature maintenance schedules begin at bi-weekly (2x p/month) visits. Some water features are relatively easy and seamless to maintain – while others require a more customized maintenance routine contingent on the specifications presented. If you are interested in a water feature management quote – please feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

Need Pond Maintenance in Long Beach?

Koi Pros offers bi-weekly and custom pond maintenance services for all residential and commercial properties throughout Southern CA. Maintenance routines typically include back-washing filtration, checking/ replacing UV-Lights, inspection of pond liners for leaking, adjust water levels, Ph, and more.

Need a Pond Cleaning?

Some ponds need a deep cleaning, quarterly-annually depending on the construction of the pond and the filtration equipment that accommodates the water garden, including the amount of koi fish, water turtles, and vegetation surrounding the pond – all these factors will determine how often your water feature will need a deep-cleaning.

Pond Cleanings, Repairs, & Construction Services

It all starts with how your pond and pond equipment were constructed. We are capable and rebuilding any pond and filtration, UV-light, setup to match what is demanded by your pond – ultimately your weekly maintenance will be subjected to these factors. Ponds which are over-filtered and able to handle the load required are almost as easy as pool maintenance, we come in, backwash the filtration, inspect the ultraviolet light

Need a new submersible pump and/or pressure filter for your pond? We can help.

Need a UV-light added, replaced, or fixed? We can help.

Interested in a new koi pond for your property? We can help.

Need to fix a leak in your pond? We can help.

Long Beach Waterfall & Fountain Services

From water-Lilly’s to rare night-blooming water garden plants. We work with local aquatic nurseries to improve the plants in your pond. We can diagnose any water fall or fountain issues you might have.

Sprung a leak? Losing water daily or weekly? Our aquatic technicians can address your water feature for leaks and water loss. Sometimes spillage can occur, while others are fully-penetrated leaks in your water feature basin – potentially costing your property thousands per year in water loss.

Trees, bushes, and surrounding plants can cause an issue with your water feature equipment, skimmers, and filtration. We’ll work with your landscape company to make sure local vegetation is addressed in accordance with your near-by water features.

Power-efficient pond equipment built to last and suitable to keep your water feature clear. We provide industry leading eco-friendly pond equipment.

Specializing in cleaning koi ponds, commercial water features, and more. Almost every water feature should have a time to be thoroughly cleaned. Contact us for a free cleaning quote today.

Need a custom pond, lake, or water feature installed on your property. Our pond technicians know what is required to build a beautiful koi pond. Contact us today for a free installation consultation.


We service commercial and residential properties ineterested in Koi Pond Maintenance, Repairs, Construction, and Equipment Supplies – Contact us for a free quote today.

Happy Customers is one of the few to answer their phones and provide quality service natural water features like Koi Ponds require a company who knows how to specifically handle the Koi Pond Equipment, including Koi Pond Filtration, Submersible Pumps, Centrifugal Pool Pumps, and Natural Filtration methods ideally suited to your water feature. We know each water feature is unique to your landscape, how it was built, and what style of filtration suits your koi pond or water feature specifically.

Our company was built around commercial water feature maintenance and construction. We also specialize in custom lake construction, pond building, and maintaining water features with over 1,000,000+ Gallons of water.

We are insured, licensed, and bonded, and work with industry-leading aquatic professionals throughout California and other parts of the United States.


Aquatic Experience Matters

Hiring a mom and pop shop to manage your fountains and waterfalls can be risky When the warmer months hit, and you're water feature needs help - often times the smaller companies aren't setup to handle the increase in demand. This is where working with a professional pond and lake service provider is key.

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