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Professional Pond Maintenance Services

Construction, Repair, & Maintenance

There are many different types of waterfalls and fountains. Some can be purchased pre-built from local department stores, while more custom waterfalls and fountains need to be constructed and designed in custom fashion.

From pond-less (disappearing waterfalls) to rock fountains, and pond waterfalls - each have their own method of function, pros/cons, and price points. While maintenance on waterfalls and fountains is typically a lot less than that of traditional water features, there is still a level of understanding required about each waterscape which will help you anticipate the cost, and overall plan of attack when it comes to constructing, maintaining, and repair these water features. We always address each unique to their type, surroundings, and overall construction as many are not installed or constructed the same as the other (although they might look it)

Pondless Waterfall Construction & Repair

These are an ideal choice for an any commercial or residential property wanting to increase the beauty of your landscape while also not breaking the bank on a costly pond or large water feature requiring heavy maintenance and repairs.

Pondless waterfalls (also known as disappearing waterfalls) are great because they don't require consistent maintenance like that of other water water features. Typical pricing can start around $2,500 - $3,000 for the kit, up to about $10,000 installed and full functioning depending on how big you go. Some stores sell "pondless waterfall kits" big and small, some the size of something you'd want for your office desk, others the size of commercial water features - perfect for business complexes, malls, and other publicly accessible locations.

Since these water features recirculate water without ever building up a "basin" or "pond" - the liability of any issues or drownings is mitigated, meaning disappearing water falls are great for apartments, HOA's, and more.


Pondless waterfall construction and repair, Orange Country by Koi Pro's

Commercial Waterfalls & Fountains

Installing a commercial fountain and waterfall for your apartment complex, HOA, cemetery, and other public areas is a great way to increase local property value and beauty. We find that property management companies throughout Southern California with water features on the property, are able to increase the monthly cost of rent by up to 10-15% when having a stream, waterfall, or fountain.

These are great options as the water depth can be below 36" to avoid any potential drownings, while also increasing the value perceived when walking the property. With almost year-round sun in our area - commercial fountains and waterfalls are relatively easy to maintain, repair, and construct compared to locations with heavy seasons. We service both natural and chemically treated water features for both commercial and residential properties, feel free to give us a call today to get a free service or installation quote.


Commercial waterfall and fountain construction and maintenance. Orange County, CA

Residential Bubbling Rock Fountains

Are great for families with small children, and those who want something to look at and listen to - but not the costly expense of maintenance and repairs compared to traditional water features. Thanks to the water re-circulation process, the water levels should be below the filtration media (the rock) and constantly flowing producing beauty and tranquility.

Most bubbling rock fountains can be store bought (in a kit-form) and installed within a week or less if done correctly. Similar to pondless water features, these can range from $1,500 - $2,500 for the kit and up to $10,000 for full installation. If you are a fellow DIY'er and interested in taking this project on yourself, you can usually get away with a rock fountain installation for less than $5,000 (including the kit, extra rock/ media, and entry-level decorations like lights etc) Although we do suggest you contact a local professional to make sure you know what you are getting into, and if you run into trouble we'll know where to jump in on the landscape project if/when needed.


Residential Bubbling Rock Fountain installation and maintenance

Cascading Waterfalls & Spillways

We've built some beautifully modern spillways and cascading water features. Both pond-less and full-size pond construction, capable of holding fish, turtles, and other wildlife. Adding a spillway in fountain or waterfall form is a great way to keep your system healthy and ecosystem in tact.

Of course there are non-natural versions of these waterfalls. If you are planning on building a natural feature, with turtles and other wildlife, we suggest adding in extra filtration, pumps, and UV-lights where applicable. As the waste of the fish and other wildlife can cause your intakes to get clogged, ultimately hindering the flow of water back into the basin. These types of water features are great for aeration and keeping your system in tact.


Cascading Waterfalls & Spillway installation construction and repair. Orange County CA


Aquatic Experience Matters

Hiring a mom and pop shop to manage your fountains and waterfalls can be risky When the warmer months hit, and you're water feature needs help - often times the smaller companies aren't setup to handle the increase in demand. This is where working with a professional pond and lake service provider is key.

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