Professional Water Feature Management Service

We provide professional koi pond maintenance and service for all of Southern California including natural water features. From Koi Ponds, Turtle Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls, to Commercial Lakes, and more. With over 40 years of professional pond and fountain service, aquatic construction, maintenance, and repair – Koi Pros is the premier Pond service company located in Orange County California.

We will custom build or repair your water features, which typically include UV lights, Skimmer Basket Installation, and Bio-Filtration for your pond. Need a pond reaseal or leak repair?

All properties are thoroughly reviewed before we can quote for maintenance and heavy repairs. Typically our pond and water feature maintenance schedules begin at bi-weekly (2x p/month) visits. Some water features are relatively easy and seamless to maintain – while others require a more customized maintenance routine contingent on the specifications presented. If you are interested in a water feature management quote – please feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

koi pond maintenance

Need Pond Maintenance?

Koi Pros offers bi-weekly and custom pond maintenance services for all residential and commercial properties throughout Southern CA. Maintenance routines typically include back-washing filtration, checking/ replacing UV-Lights, inspection of pond liners for leaking, adjust water levels, Ph, and more.

Need a Pond Cleaning?

Some ponds need a deep cleaning, quarterly-annually depending on the construction of the pond and the filtration equipment that accommodates the water garden, including the amount of koi fish, water turtles, and vegetation surrounding the pond – all these factors will determine how often your water feature will need a deep-cleaning.


Pond Cleanings, Repairs, & Construction Services

It all starts with how your pond and pond equipment were constructed. We are capable and rebuilding any pond and filtration, UV-light, setup to match what is demanded by your pond – ultimately your weekly maintenance will be subjected to these factors. Ponds which are over-filtered and able to handle the load required are almost as easy as pool maintenance, we come in, backwash the filtration, inspect the ultraviolet light

pond pump and filtration repair

Filtration Services

Need a new submersible pump and/or pressure filter for your pond? We can help.

ultra violet light supply and installation services

Ultraviolet Light Services

Need a UV-light added, replaced, or fixed? We can help.

commercial residential koi pond maintenance
koi pond construction and repair

Construction Services

Interested in a new koi pond for your property? We can help.

koi pond liner patching and resealing services

Pond Liner Services

Need to fix a leak in your pond? We can help.


water garden plants for sale


From water-Lilly’s to rare night-blooming water garden plants. We work with local aquatic nurseries to improve the plants in your pond. Call or email us today for a list of in-stock water plants in your area.


pond leak detection and patching services


Sprung a leak? Losing water daily or weekly? Our aquatic technicians can address your water feature for leaks and water loss. Sometimes spillage can occur, while others are fully-penetrated leaks in your water feature basin – potentially costing your property thousands per year in water loss.


pond maintenance company


Trees, bushes, and surrounding plants can cause an issue with your water feature equipment, skimmers, and filtration. We’ll work with your landscape company to make sure local vegetation is addressed in accordance with your near-by water features.


water garden cleaning services


Power-efficient pond equipment built to last and suitable to keep your water feature clear. We provide industry leading eco-friendly pond equipment.


koi pond cleaning services


Specializing in cleaning koi ponds, commercial water features, and more. Almost every water feature should have a time to be thoroughly cleaned. Contact us for a free cleaning quote today.


pond installation company


Need a custom pond, lake, or water feature installed on your property. Our pond technicians know what is required to build a beautiful koi pond. Contact us today for a free installation consultation.


Koi Pond Liner Replacement Info & Services

Pond or waterfall leaking? Don’t spend money on cheap imitators online – Specializing in pond liner repair and reconstruction throughout Orange County CA

Koi Pond Filtration Information & Service

The media filter has long been used as a means to get water suitably clean for its intended purpose. The majority of city water systems across the globe use filtration set-ups comprised of rapid-type sand filters often in conjunction with more conventional slow sand...

Backyard Waterfall Construction & Maintenance Tips & Tricks

We all have been awed by the soothing sounds and serenity of waterfall, always stopping and gazing when out we come across such wonders of nature. The effects of these all-too-fleeting moments have a positive impact, one that we would love to experience even at home....

Is your pond or waterfall leaking?

All ponds will leak eventually. Understanding a true-leak vs water evaporation is a must. As a true-leak can be costly, and when caught earlier the better to avoid additional expenses. Constructing a koi pond, waterfall, pondless waterfall, or other landscape water...

Repairing Your Koi Pond Equipment

Often with pond maintenance we see clients struggling to get their pool pumps used for their koi ponds able to prime again. This is a very common issue as these pumps (extrenal centrifugal pool pumps) require an air-tight fit and be filled with enough...

Commercial & Residential Waterfall Construction

Ever wanted to build a waterfall or pondless waterfall on your property? Believe it or not, water features can serve as great assets for residential and commercial properties with great weather such as California or similar states. With the ease of maintenance, as...

About water garden and pond maintenance

What is a water garden? A water garden which is also known as an aquatic garden is a type of a manmade feature hosting a great place for koi pond plants and other perennials. Water gardens can be defined as any exterior or interior landscape or...

Commercial Rock Fountain Construction

Waterfall Construction & Maintenance Services A Rock Fountain is an ideal choice for an owner who wants a waterfall effect to their property. Besides looking great, these fountains also produce a lyrical, soothing sound that makes any area more tranquil....

Rebuilding Your Pond? Consider These Options

Do you need our water feature repaired? This is a quick intro to diagnose your pond liner Well, your Koi pond liner has been in there for more than a decade and is starting to show its age now. You may also have a few patches that you put on it. Some of...

Tips for Koi Pond Maintenance

Proper Koi Pond Maintenance Adding a Koi pond to your home or commercial property is definitely one of the best ways to reduce the day to day stress and add tranquility to your surroundings. Koi ponds, pondless water falls, and many other natural water...


We service commercial and residential properties ineterested in Koi Pond Maintenance, Repairs, Construction, and Equipment Supplies – Contact us for a free quote today.

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HAPPY CUSTOMERS is one of the few to answer their phones and provide quality service
Natural water features like Koi Ponds require a company who knows how to specifically handle the Koi Pond Equipment, including Koi Pond Filtration, Submersible Pumps, Centrifugal Pool Pumps, and Natural Filtration methods ideally suited to your water feature. We know each water feature is unique to your landscape, how it was built, and what style of filtration suits your koi pond or water feature specifically.

Our company was built around commercial water feature maintenance and construction. We also specialize in custom lake construction, pond building, and maintaining water features with over 1,000,000+ Gallons of water.

We are insured, licensed, and bonded, and work with industry-leading aquatic professionals throughout California and other parts of the United States.

“Koi Pros did a fantastic job on our commercial stream resealing. From draining, to grinding, and resealing with high quality materials – our water features no longer leak”

Apartment Complex, Orange County CA

“Great job rebuilding my turtle pond! Koi Pros came in, assessed my pond, rebuilt the equipment, the entire pond out of cement, and also provided my turtles a safe place to live!”

Liz S., Los Angeles CA

“I had a leak in pond liner. Tried having multiple pond contractors come out and fix my issue – long story short it only took one call for Koi Pros. Great work!”

David N., Huntington Beach CA



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Koi Pros Pond Services


Looking through our comprehensive list of questions on the topic of water gardens and ponds, you will be able to learn a great deal of information concerning installing, maintaining, designing, planting and keeping pests away from such a feature. The frequently asked questions list is a great way to become well-versed in water gardening.

If I use rocks and gravel for my water garden, do I still need to use pots for my aquatic plants?

This is indeed the case! A properly balanced water garden needs aquatic plants. In their natural state, these types of plants are not found in pots, and we use a construction style for water gardens that is meant to be as similar to the natural state as possible. It is our recommendation that when you place aquatic plants in a water garden, they be removed from their pot, any excess soil material be eliminated and that the plants be set between your rocks and gravel material in the water. Potting is always an option, but some plants are better left unpotted.

If I were to place all my aquatic plants in gravel and rock, is it not the case that the fish, particularly the koi, will destroy everything?

There are two possible answers here, one in the affirmative and one in the negative. While the scenario you described is a bit of a myth, it is rather widespread. It is true that fish, particularly koi, have the potential to do great harm to aquatic plantings. Traditional water gardening tended to use round transitional excavating that was followed with the installation of a liner made from rubber or cement. The aquatic plant shelf did not really exist. As such, plastic pots were the only way to go.

These pots would be set into the water at a slant along the garden’s perimeter. Because fish are curious and highly active, there was a tendency for them to start digging and rotting near the aquatic plant pots. They would usually succeed in disrupting the soil and tipping the potted plants from their containers. The plant material would wind up floating around and the pot would sink to the garden’s bottom.

This no longer needs to be the case. Having a water garden that is lined with gravel and rocks can prevent the scenario described avove. Koi and other fish will remain very busy and will not miss the pots at all.The gravel and rock material will be a perfect home for aquatic plantings. The fish will be free to root, travel and graze among the full expanse of the garden rather than being so focused on the potted plants.

What is required for my pond during the winter months?

Considering that we operate in and around Southern California, it is best that your water garden remains operational all year long. If the water is allowed to dip below the 50-degre mark, the fish will hibernate in dormancy. Should you reside in California’s more mountainous areas, it will be necessary to keep the waterfall feature running or have a de-icer installed so that there is always a hole in any ice that forms.

It is necessary to maintain a hole in your ice for the facilitation of oxygen as well as gas exchange required by the fish. There are many water gardens situated in Southern California that will never see water fall below the 50-degree mark, and therefore the fish contained therein will not have a chance to hibernate. It is a miconception that fish need to be brought in for the winter. Even in areas that experience significant show and cold temperatures, there are water gardens that have fish flourishing in them all months of the year.

What is the right way to maintain water garden clarity?

Natural water treatments really are the answer here. Beneficial or “good” bacteria can be added to your garden to keep nutrients at the correct levels. Overload of nutrients is often the culprit when any type of water garden issue arises. Koi health issues, algae concerns, cloudy water and the like are all linked to this problem. Water clarity concerns do not have a single solution, however, and it may require multiple different attempts before a remedy is discovered.

Always remember that feeding your fish too much is a leading contributor to heavy nutrient content in a water garen. This, in turn, leads to problems with water clarity. The solution here is obvious, in that you need to start feeding your fish less. You may also want to consider lowering the number of fish in the garden. If these steps do not prove effective, you will want to try cleaning your garden’s filters and so on. As with many problems in life, the ultimate resolution to water clarity concerns is something that requires a bit of trial and error.

In the end, however, when you are enjoying relaxing moments gazing at your water garden, all of the learning, studying and hard work will be worthwhile. Reviewing the frequently asked questions listed above can serve as an effective primer for anyone interested in the well-loved hobby of water gardening.

There has been a blackish sort of grime observed in water gardens that lack gravel and rocks. I am worried that if I use gravel and rock, the grime will accumulate on those materials and be impossible to clean.

The surprising truth of the matter is that your gravel will in fact lower your maintenance requirements. It used to be that the older types of water gardens that included rubber or concrete liners actually thwarted the proliferation of “good” bacteria. Therefore, there was nothing available that could eat the blackish grime you described. This is the purpose of the bacteria, and if it does not exist, the grime piles up. Gravel is great for allowing the colonization of beneficial bacteria, and it is in just the right place too–the bottom of the garden itself. The symbiotic relationship between gravel, bacteria in grime is a beautiful thing!

What sort of fertilization schedule should I follow for my water garden's aquatic plants?

Fertilization of aquatic plants should happen at a specific time and in a specific manner. It is advisable to fertilize these plants beginning in the springtime and continue each month until the summer’s end. Numerous methods of fertilizing aquatic plants exist, and we recommend tablet formats instead of liquid ones. Choose tablet fertilizers for aquatic plants and liquid ones for the overall water garden.

My real concern is about predators attacking my fish, and I am wondering how I can prevent that.

You are right to worry about this, and a handy rhyme to remember is that “water gardens sized less than eight by eight really are a dinner plate.” A motion sensing device can be used to thwart the actions of predators and do so humanely. The Scarecrow model is highly recommended and will help give you and your beloved fish invaluable peace of mind.